Increasing your Brain Power!

There are multiple methods to increase your brain's memory and power; this usually includes eating the right kinds of foods. For instance, the dark chocolate's flavanols improve our brain's memory and responsiveness as well as improve the circulation of blood into the brain tissues. Here are some of the foods that could enhance your brain's power and memory, and generally boosts your total cognitive functionality.
1.            Whole grain products - ensure that you are consuming a diet which is rich in whole grain products like wheat bran, cereals, whole wheat pasta, what germ, and many more. One research discovered that women who increased their vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid consumption showed a significant enhancement in recalling details in contrast to women who are not taking any of these intelliboost iq brain supplement supplements.
2.            Oily fishes - the omega-3 fatty acids which is normally found among oily fishes, flax-seed, and walnuts have high amount of DHA, a type of fatty acid which is important to attain a healthful nervous system. Low DHA is associated with higher risk of acquiring memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. Also, fishes contain iodine which greatly improves mental clearness.
3.            Blueberries - the extract of blueberries could improve your brain's memory. This is available anywhere so there is no excuse!
4.            Tomatoes - there is a study that tells that lycopene, a well-known antioxidant is usually found in tomatoes, can aid protect against free radical damage to brain cells which prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease.
5.            Fortified cereals - these are good source of vitamin B12 and it also has complex carbohydrates. This will effectively maintain your mental alertness for the rest of the day!
6.            Black currant boost - the vitamin C has already been long discovered to have a great effect in increasing one's mental agility. One of the finest sources of vitamin C is actually the black currant.
7.            Pumpkin seeds - a handful per day is all you really need in order to get your suggested daily intake of zinc. Zinc is needed for improving thinking skills and enhancing memory.
8.            Broccoli - this has a lot of vitamin K, it is known to improve one's cognitive functionality and brain power. Know about intelliboost iq supplements here!
9.            Nuts - a study in the United States recommended that a sufficient consumption of vitamin E could help prevent getting poor memory. One of the greatest source of vitamin E are nuts, together with green leafy vegetables, eggs, seeds, whole grains, and brown rice.
Aside from the things mentioned above, there are still a lot of brain power supplements available which are not written in this article. Read more information about supplement at this website http://www.encyclopedia.com/education/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/herbal-supplements